We create fun games for kids that offer top notch features and innovative functions to ensure an enjoyable hands-on experience for your preschooler or toddler. Our learning games for preschoolers are designed to make the learning process one which is enjoyable for kids while providing parents with an easy to use on the go mobile platform that can go with them anywhere.

Let’s take a look at what real users have to say about our educational apps for kids:

Finding  fun games for kids  that are free and functional can be quite a daunting task. I am so glad that I found these quality  free online games for kids  that provide my kids with the opportunity to learn on the go with multiple platforms.”

Tom Chancey

Excellent App for Toddlers! My son loves this game. He is almost two and already knows all his animal sounds!

Dilip Santra

The ‘learn with fun vehicles’ app is one of the best learning games for preschoolers that I have seen. It has upbeat background music and great graphics while teaching my son the names and sounds of many air, water and land vehicles

Sandy Miller

I love that it offers a Spanish Feature which allows me to teach my daughter in the language of choice. Thank You!

Google User

This is one of the best kids learning apps by far. The human voice over feature is great and allows children to easily hear the correct phonics for each letter!

Google User

This free kid’s app offers a very visual & auditory aid for parents to help parents to teach their children about animals. The Kids Zoo app also features a child lock which is simple to use and remove.

Sujeimarie Acevedo

Smart Idea! I can’t wait to try out this exciting learning app for kids on my grand angels.

Eleanor Robinson

Fun educational activity for kids  that is fun and simple to use for my special needs son. A high five from my 5 year old son! He has special needs and this free educational app for kids provided an easy way to teach him the alphabet. Many thanks to the programmer!

Google User

Great educational apps with fast corrections. I submitted a comment and the problems were fixed quickly in the next version. That is Great- Thanks!

Google User

My Daughters ages two and three simply love this learning app for kids. Because they love it, dad does as well. It keeps them interested allowing us to all learn together! A+++ in my book!

Jone Devid