Parents & Educators

Both parents and educators understand the importance of finding good quality educational activities for kids that will allow them to work both individually as well as in conjunction with parents & teachers. Here at Vyapp we understand the importance of this and provide a variety of printable options for children to work on in order to reinforce the lessons taught within our free kid’s apps.

Depending on the age of your child and the developmental stage where they are at you can choose from printable worksheets, coloring sheets or connect the dots pages which correspond with the lessons being taught within the mobile apps. Coloring pages, printable worksheets and connect the dots pages all offer different benefits to children of all ages and ability levels.

The best kids learning apps developers understand that there is more to learning then simply playing free online games for kids. We want to work hand in hand with you as parents to provide a fun and interactive mobile application that can be extended to include at home lessons with parents and educators that will solidify the lessons and help children to retain the information learned.